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Witology uses proprietary know-how and tools to solve complex business problems by means of crowdsourcing.
Our technologies enable you to:

Put thousands of people to work for you through Witology platform.

Crowdsourcing platform Witology provides an online environment with full-fledged functionality for effective collective working, uniting thousands of people and documents into a single semantic social network.

Manage communities of project participants by means of facilitation tools.

Facilitation turns a crowd into a community of practice and ideas into elaborate concept solutions ready for implementation.

Facilitators are key figures in the management of crowdsourcing projects. Facilitators ensure the smooth running of a project without taking the reigns, helping participants communicate in an effective way so they achieve project goals.

Generate ideas and choose the best concept solutions to problems through the use of Witology methodology.

Witology’s unique project preparation and implementation methodology involves specifying crowdsourcing project phases and stages. The methodology is a set of techniques, procedures, and practices of working with online communities, including an intensional database, which makes it possible to develop new procedures and techniques to works with crowdsourcers, if needed.

Witology methodology is based on works by R. Аckoff, K. Popper, B. Minto, B. Latur. It also involves the practices of all crowdsourcing projects carried out on Witology platform.