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Crowdsourcing is a new way to organize intellectual labor. Crowdsourcing leverages the potential of “collective brain”, bringing experts, clients, partners, and employees together to find the best solutions to complex business problems.

Our company has the highest level of competency in the field of crowdsourcing in Russia and CIS countries. Our technological complex makes it possible for hundreds and thousands of people to collectively work towards common goals, including search for the most talented people.

We offer to organize and execute crowdsourcing projects, such as:

  • Product and Service Improvement (Creation of Innovations)

    From the development of new car models to the optimization of bank’s internal processes to reduce queues at retail offices

  • Obtaining Public Feedback on Large-Scale Initiatives

    From direct dialogue with citizens to collective development of roadmaps

  • Business Process Optimization

    From the development of a system to improve employee motivation to the formulation of expenditure reduction measures

  • Crowdrecruiting

    From staff recruitment to comprehensive evaluation of employees