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We offer various formats for crowdsourcing projects to meet client’s goals and objectives.

The choice of format depends on task complexity. It also depends on what you want to use crowdsourcing for – whether to find a solution to a specific business challenge or increase your business competitive ability/ level of transparency in public administration.


is suited for solving a multi-discipline business problem with a multi-step approach to the generation of solutions and a selection of the best ones

Project period is 1 to 2 months

A set of projects

on several business problems facilitates the formation of a community of practice


allows to receive the feedback on the implementation of existing programs and initiatives

Project period is 1 to 12 months


is suited for solving a minor, clearly formulated problem in a short time frame

Project period is 1 to 2 weeks

Platform license

enables license holders to work on their own on Witology platform, taking advantage of an online environment equipped with all functionalities necessary for collective working toward the best solutions