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Let us tell you straight away — we wish to build the Dream Company. A Company, where each employee of which has a complete confidence that Witology is cool, promising, and interesting.

In Witology our task is to implement a technology system that was unthinkable before and to create a market segment that is yet to be created. Such ambitious plans are perfectly justified. Today Witology has the highest level of competence in the world in the following areas: intellectual crowdsourcing, open innovation, collective intelligence, idea management, online problem solving, epistemic communities, communities of practice.

We have not heard of anyone in Russia undertaking any serious steps in this direction. However, if you or someone you know are one of these individuals, please get in touch! Even if you have no intention to change your job and if you are only interested in these issues out of professional curiosity or as a hobby, please still let us know — we will find the way for us to work together.

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