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Online Agent Project for the Renaissance Insurance Group

The project helped to identify key challenges and the most critical issues in the auto insurance online sales program Online Agent as well as design applicable solutions for its enhancement.  


To enhance the efficiency of auto insurance sales agents working online.


  • over 260 participants from 17 cities of Russia participated in the project,
  • 529 ideas to improve the existing scheme, 
  • over 2000 comments,
  • 46 elaborated solutions to improve the existing scheme of online auto insurance sales,
  • Winning Top 7 ideas and Top 11 participants.


August  October, 2011.


  • A new balanced scheme of online sales is designed by mutual efforts of a wide-spread employee team,
  • A brand new approach to talent search within the company's divisions and its subsidiaries is implemented.

Within the framework of the project, key challenges and most acute problems of the Online Agent Program were identified and specific suggestions were made to improve it. As a result, a new scheme of auto insurance sales was developed for online agents.

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