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The first large-scale crowdsourced project ‘Sberbank of Russia: 170 Year Anniversary’

We decided to look into the future of our country and Sberbank 10 years ahead and build up a picture of the key changes, now barely perceptible, that are likely and ought to become a reality.


Together with our partners,, WikiVote!, and FOM, set up a large-scale crowdsourced project to attract as many people as possible to find ‘What should be done to make SberBank a global financial leader by 2021:

  • Products and services;
  • Online and offline presence.


Four online communication sites were summoned, and an offline survey was carried out across Russia. Three reports were prepared for the international financial conference ‘SberBank of Russia: 170 Years.’ In this project, Witology was assigned a key role in addressing the foregoing tasks. 511 experts from six countries were specially selected through an online test from 5000 most active participants.


  • 19 million people expressed interest in the project (17% of the adult population, according to FOM opinion polls);
  • 787,753 people expressed keen interest in the project and visited one of the project’s resources;
  • 106,520 members involved in the online and offline interactions;
  • 1548 participants involved in the project (co-authors of WikiVote!);
  • 450  partners (experts of  Witology);
  • 30 winners and champions (at all the sites);
  • 9 finalists (at all the sites);
  • 3 experts whose solutions were recognized as the best ones.


October – November 2011


Through the Witology site, customers, partners and employees of Sberbank submitted 1581 ideas and solutions that received 68,752 evaluations and 12,820 comments. 15 best solutions were chosen. The experts of Witology, leaders and winners, were awarded at our event at the Digital October on November 11, 2011.

The conference devoted to the 170th Anniversary of SberBank was held on November 12, where a group of authors presented their report ‘Sberbank-21-Future’ that contained the best proposals and ideas picked out by means of multilevel selection, voting, and “Exchange of ideas”.

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Crowdsourcing can deliver the best solution to any complex problem through harnessing the wisdom of millions of people.

German Gref
CEO and Chairman of the Board of Sberbank of Russia