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Analysis and Segmentation of Virtual Skolkovo Community Project for Skolkovo Fund

The community ‘Virtual Skolkovo’ was analyzed, registered community members segmented and their project proposals categorized with a view to organizing topic-based subcommunities.


Analyze the existing community, segment users, categorize the projects they proposed, and produce recommendations on expanding, developing and mobilizing different segments of the community.


The project analyzed the database of users and built visual maps of the community. Innovative methods of clustering textual information and creating taxonomies were used for the segmentation of users and classification of projects. Recommendations on how to develop and mobilize the community were tested by means of a pilot project in Yekaterinburg.


  • Over 16,000 members of the community were analyzed using two hundreds of characteristics;
  • 447 projects were categorized for the following subject areas:

 Nuclear energy technologies,
 Information technologies,
 Power efficiency,
 Biomedical technologies,
 Space technologies and telecommunications.

  • 38 categories of projects and 221 subcategories identified,
  • Pilot project to mobilize Yekaterinburg’s IT community revealed:

 24 companies;
 9 funds;
 21 experts;
 13 regular events;
 47 departments of universities;
 67 active students.


June – October 2012


  • The database of users was comprehensively analyzed in terms of users’ social status, role and interest in projects and sub-communities of the Skolkovo Fund, etc.,
  • Users were segmented and their projects categorized,
  • A model of the Virtual Skolkovo community structure with key characteristics was developed along with recommendations on how to develop and mobilize the community,
  • A map of Yekaterinburg’s IT community was compiled within the framework of the pilot project.

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