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Project 'Optimization of Heat Supply: Dialogue with Customers’ for Moscow United Energy Company (MOEK)

Moscow United Energy Company’s crowdsourcing project ‘Optimization of Heat Supply: Dialogue with Customers’ was the next step towards open communication between the company and customers, giving the latter a chance to influence the further development of the industry.


Develop effective and well balanced customer relationship management solutions and new incentive schemes to help optimize the company’s activities while complying with social justice requirements.


Experts of Moscow United Energy Company analyzed the heat supply market and the heat supply infrastructure to detect “problem zones.” Project participants offered new solutions to the problems and constructive criticisms, and collectively finalized the solutions. The best solutions were decided by voting.


  • 1738 people from 20 countries and 280 cities;
  • 1267 ideas;
  • 28435 assessments.

10 winners of the project were chosen.

3 participants were marked out for the best ideas.


November – December 2012


  • Landmark step taken towards in the effort to organize open communication with energy consumers,
  • Measures and projects proposed to go over to new effective and balanced customer relationship management complying with social justice requirements,
  • Feedback received from consumers about energy billing, subsidies, the possibility to pay in installments, etc.,
  • Possible ways devised to further develop Moscow Unified Energy Company (MOEK) using innovation technologies.

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