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Project ‘Services at Major Russian Railway Stations’ for the Central Offices of Russian Railway Stations

The project was implemented within the framework of Program to Improve Russian Railway Stations by 2015. The project made it possible to learn what people think about the range and quality of services major Russian railway stations offer and collect ideas for new services.


Create a comprehensive customer profile to identify customer needs, analyze the quality of services, develop ways to improve the services and suggest new ones to improve the efficiency of major Russian railway stations.


Project participants examined several uses of railway stations – railway stations as 1) transportation and trip planning centers, 2) cultural centers, 3) city centers, 4) business centers, 5) labor migration centers, and put forward their ideas on improvements.


  • 1153 participants from across Russia, of whom 160 were employees of RZD and 993 customers,
  • 1018 proposals,
  • over 47,500 assessments.


February – April 2013


Feedback was received from customers on services offered by major Russian railway stations, over 667 customer needs were identified, and solutions were developed to improve the existing services and launch new ones.

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