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New Ways to Improve Zelenograd Project for Prefecture of Zelenograd Borough of Moscow

The project ‘New Ways to Improve Zelenograd’ organized by the Prefecture of Zelenograd Borough of Moscow on the eve of the 55th anniversary of Zelenograd allowed residents and other parties concerned to look into the future of Zelenograd 10 years ahead and understand what must be done to make ambitious plans to improve the borough a reality.


Find sources to enhance the competitiveness of Zelenograd in its own specific fields of activity, create a new unique image for the borough and develop programs to make it a reality, as well as detect people willing to participate in projects aimed at improving Zelenograd.


First, participants reviewed the trends that are likely to affect Zelenograd and its key economic areas over the next 10 years. Then they expressed their views for the future of Zelenograd. After that, four most promising ideas were selected, prerequisites for successful realization of the ideas described. Participants also suggested ideas on concrete measures to achieve the desired future.


  • 822 participants,
  • 796 ideas,
  • 8,000 comments and posts,
  • over 17,000 evaluations.

20 winners of the project were determined, 36 best ideas identified.


October – December 2012


  • An image of the desired future of Zelenograd was created, the ways to make it a reality identified,
  • The project yielded interesting ideas on developing an infrastructure in support of science and tech business, industrial tourism and branding for Zelenograd,
  • A community of citizens interested in improving the borough was formed. The most active and constructive participants expressed their willingness to participate in activities to turn the ideas into projects and subsequently implement/monitor the latter,
  • A roadmap of actions was compiled. The roadmap will be discussed at a meeting of the Prefecture of Zelenograd to identify the actions that should be necessarily taken.

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Together we will implement all the best ideas to make our future Zelenograd better!

Anatoliy Smirnov
Prefect of Zelenograd Borough of Moscow