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A Dive into the Light Project for Lighting Technologies

The project ‘A Dive into the Light’ helped find specialists capable of responding to technical and commercial challenges facing Lighting Technologies, the largest Russian lighting company.


Involve talented specialists in the project and comprehensively evaluate their performance in solving professional tasks.


Project participants were asked to solve seven tasks relating to the lighting industry. First they studied the world experience and best practices in the industry, then identified problems and challenges of the tasks. After that they put forward their ideas and finalized solutions to the tasks working in teams.


  • 1,095 participants from Russia and CIS countries,
  • 300 ideas,
  • 9,056 assessments,
  • 3,036 comments and posts.


May – July 2013


  • Over 1000 participants were comprehensively evaluated, each participant’s strengths analyzed in detail,
  • 300 unique solutions received, ready for in-depth analysis and subsequent implementation,
  • 14 participants identified as project leaders will get job offers from the company.

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