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Non-Credit Banking Products for Corporate Clients Project for Sberbank of Russia

The project ‘Non-Credit Banking Products for Corporate Clients’ was set up to review Sberbank non-credit banking products and find solutions to improve them.


Get feedback on the existing non-credit banking products of Sberbank of Russia and analyze customer needs and expectations to develop new non-credit products and enhance remote banking services and e-services for different business segments.


Project participants analyzed two services of Sberbank of Russia: Placement of Funds and Remote Banking and developed solutions for their improvement.


  • 5088 participants from 7 countries;
  • 1667 proposals, including
    • 499 ideas;
    • 1168 counter ideas;
  • 8334 comments and posts;
  • 32640 assessments.


September  — November 2012


The project yielded new solutions to improve Sberbank’s Placement of Funds Services and Remote Banking Services, which will be taken into account in Sberbank’s strategic programs.

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