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Project ‘Retail Office: High Quality Service and Customer Convenience’ for Sberbank of Russia

The project ‘Retail Office: High Quality Services and Customer Convenience’ helped find easy-to-implement solutions that do not require significant financial investments.


  • Detect bottlenecks with regard to (1) customer convenience, ergonomics and other practicalities of operating retail offices, (2) service quality and efficiency,
  • Analyze best practices in running retail banking offices, and
  • Develop detailed solutions to improve customer service in retail banking offices.


Project participants were asked to study the world's best practices and create an optimal retail banking service model including (1) office ergonomics and (2) methods and models of retail banking.


  • 2995 participants,
  • over 5200 proposals,
  • 30,000 comments and posts,
  • over 215,000 assessments.


December 2012 – March 2013


The project resulted in new ergonomic solutions for Sberbank retail offices (new office layouts and improvement of self-service zones), and new solutions to optimize retail banking offices in whole. The best solutions will be tested within the framework of the program of reorganization of Sberbank retail offices.

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