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The Crossroad of Ideas Project for SOGLASIE Insurance Company

The main goal of the project was to find fresh innovative ideas to take SOGLASIE Insurance Company’s cross-selling to the next level thereby enabling the company to enjoy market leadership, providing a high level of customer service, gaining higher levels of customer satisfaction and therefore enhancing confidence in the insurance industry as a whole.


To organize an intracorporate crowdsourcing project to develop action concepts to take SOGLASIE Insurance Company’s retail cross-selling to the next level.


Project participants described global best practices of cross-selling, shared the successful experience of the company and identified the problems that hindered the improving of cross-sales. Then participants gave their proposals on measures to implement best practices and eliminate the identified problems, as well as constructive criticisms and suggestions concerning team-based finalization of the ideas.


  • 871 employees of Soglasie Insurance Company, including those from 130 cities of Russia;
  • 1395 proposals, contra ideas and measures,
  • 170 posts,
  • 21386 assessments, 


March – April 2013


  • A list of measures developed to improve SOGLASIE Company’s retail cross-sales,
  • Steps taken to strengthen the corporate culture of the company,
  • Ways developed to create better cross-sale opportunities.

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We have chosen Witology because this company has wide experience in running crowdsourcing projects. Its team is highly professional.

Yulia Shumilova
CFO of SOGLASIE Insurance Company