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Monitoring of Implementation of NEI’s Roadmaps

The goal of the project is to get feedback from the public on the progress in the implementation of National Entrepreneurial Initiative’s roadmaps. The feedback allows the objective assessment of the advancement towards the roadmaps’ goals and provides the basis for making any needed changes to increase the efficiency of the implementation.


  • Obtain information on the progress in the implementation of the roadmaps directly from customers who use the services addressed in the roadmaps,
  • Have legislative proposals and laws assessed by experts and the entrepreneurial community,
  • Get feedback from entrepreneurs and experts on the progress in the implementation of the roadmaps in different regions of Russia.


The participants took part in monitoring the implementation of the following roadmaps:

  • Improvement of Customs Administration,
  • Improvement of Cadastral and Land Registration Services and Immovable Property Registration System,
  • Improving Access to Energy Services,
  • Support for Access to Foreign Markets and Export Support,
  • Creation of National System of Competences and Qualifications,
  • Improving Urban Development Regulations and Entrepreneurial Climate in the Construction Industry,
  • Providing Medium-Sized Businesses with Access for Selling Their Products and Services to Infrastructure Monopolies and State-Owned Companies,
  • Optimization of Legal Entity Registration Services,
  • Promoting Competition and Antimonopoly Policy Improvement.


  • 2853 representatives of small, medium-size and big businesses from 81 Russian regions have participated, of which entrepreneurs  – 1361, experts – 419, teachers, employees and public members – 631, working party members and ASI representatives – 442.
  • more than 130 documents processed,
  • over 33000 comments given,
  • 41000 assessments made.


April 2013 – April 2014


  • Feedback on the implemented measures of the roadmaps has been received,
  • Participants have shared their personal experience with customs, power grid connection, and property registration,
  • Participants have assessed legislative proposals put forward based on the roadmaps.

Project visual portfolio: is a portal for monitoring and discussing NEI roadmaps implementation is a portal for monitoring and discussing NEI roadmaps implementation
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Just to give you some idea of the scope of monitoring this year, I’d like to draw your attention to the fact that 2500 people work on every day.

Artem Avetisyan
Director of the New Business Direction, the Agency for Strategic Initiatives