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The other day Alexei Mikhalchenkov, Deputy Prefect of the Zelenograd Borough of Moscow, presented the winners of the crowdsourcing project “New Ways to Improve Zelenograd” with prizes and gifts (For more details see the official website (in Russian) of the Zelenograd Borough and an article (in Russian) in the Moskovskaya Pravda newspaper).

The project has made it possible for Zelenograd residents and other parties concerned to look 10 years ahead, formulate what they want Zelenograd to be and understand what must be done to make town enhancement plans a reality, however ambitious the latter are. Most of the winning ideas will be included in either the existing Zelenograd development programs or new ones.

What are the results of two-month work of 822 project participants?

The very fact that a crowdsourcing project was carried out in Russia to understand what people think about the future of their town and what has to be done to make their dreams come true is an achievement in itself and that is not the only one:

- the project yielded interesting ideas on developing an infrastructure in support of science and tech business, industrial tourism and branding for Zelenograd.
- the project entailed the emergence of a community of citizens interested in improving Zelenograd. The most active and constructive participants expressed their willingness to turn the ideas into projects and implement/supervise them.
- “Map of the key proposals” was prepared and submitted to the prefecture for consideration, after which the most important and relevant proposals will be implemented.

We are «destined» to work together and that is good!’ Alex Mikhalchenkov joked at the award ceremony.We often need a fresh look at our problems. In this respect, crowdsourcing proved to be invaluable tool in obtaining feedback from citizens. Now we have a unique Internet-based communication solution that makes it possible to create projects of national importance.’

We thank all the participants of the project for your ideas, eagerness and desire to contribute. We hope that you understood the power of crowdsourcing and your ability to change the world, starting with your home town! Alexander Malioukov, Witology President.

Andrei Andrianov
, the author of several best ideas, became the absolute winner of the project in the Person of Dominant Influence category.

Margarita Zhabina became the winner in the Doer category. Among Margarita’s noteworthy ideas are the following: use the squirrel in the symbol of Zelenograd for the purpose of branding, create a museum of robotics, organize a robotics festival, and use instruments of public-private partnership to introduce these initiatives.

We present a presentation prepared by Ruschana Romashkina, one of the winners of the project: “Bikes as part of the solution to Zelenograd’s transport problems”(in Russian).

Congratulations to all the participants for successfully completing the project!

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