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Vladimir Putin on Crowdsourcing


[CENTER]Photo credit: the Presidential Press and Information Office 
Vladimir Putin spoke at a training seminar for mayors of Russian cities. The event, which took place under the aegis of the Presidential Executive Office, focused on domestic policy issues and modern effective management principles. 
In his address, the President touched upon, among other things, the use of crowdsourcing for administrative and governmental purposes:
I urge you to make draft legislative acts and other municipal government documents available online and in other media. You can make use of collaborative mechanisms to determine optimal solutions. You will certainly meet with experts here and they will mention all sorts of buzzwords – including "crowdsourcing". It's a really powerful thing.

Using modern technology, you can engage hundreds of people in solving your problems and receive thousands of ingenious solutions from which you will choose the best. Such an approach is effectively used around the world. Why can’t we use it? Of course, we can and should do it.
The full text of Putin's speech is available on the website of Administration of the President of Russia.

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Вилена Скворцова