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Triumph of Lies over the Truth in Social Media



The larger orange object (or cascade) represents a false news story, whereas the teal one represents a true news story.

The only way to understand how lies kill the truth in media space is to visualize info cascades.
• Who made it?
• How it got made?
• Why it got made?

Visualizing the spread of true and false news on social media
— New 3D simulator / visualizer info cascades: cascades arrange themselves as jellyfish-like objects after the force simulation runs. These cascades had no people in common, so they appear as two distinct objects.

The science of fake news
— To prevent the world from drowning in lies, it is necessary to globalize the media space and create a news ecosystem and culture that are motivated to value and propagate the truth.

The spread of true and false news online
TOP 1% of fake news cascades reach from 1,000 to 100,000 people, while truth rarely spreads to more than 1,000 people. Lies also spread faster than the truth. The reason for the observed differences is the apparent degree of news novelty and emotional responses of the recipients.

False political news traveled deeper and more broadly, reached more people, and was more viral than any other category of false information. False political news also diffused deeper more quickly and reached more than 20,000 people nearly three times faster than all other types of false news reached 10,000 people. Analysis of all news categories showed that news about politics, urban legends, and science
spread to the most people, whereas news about politics and urban legends spread the fastest and were the most viral in terms of their structural virality.

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Елена Попкова