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Russian Folk Crowdsourcing


The princess who never laughs by Viktor Vasnetsov

We have often discussed the fact that “crowdsourcing” sounds outlandish to Russian ears, leading to confusion at first acquaintance. And we have recently hit upon the idea of drawing a parallel between crowdsourcing and a fairy tale, The Princess Who Never Laughs.

When the king announces a contest to make the princess laugh, he starts a crowdsourcing project challenging men to compete for half the kingdom.

He offers the princess into the bargain, thereby solving employment problems – it is all about crowd recruiting. While looking for the candidate most suited for the job of son-in-law among subjects of his crown, he runs an in-house project. If he invited foreign princes to participate, the project would be outsourced.

It is interesting to find out which Foreign folk tales could make good illustrations for these notions. We look forward to your ideas!

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Александр Малюков

Президент и CEO Witology
Frank van Eijkern
December 2, 2013
The story of the Princess is different: one man does the job. In crowdfunding many man do the job. Would Helping Hands be better (translated in Russian)?
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