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  • february 11, 2013

    Disseminators of Ideas: Who and Where are They?

    One of the most important results of any crowdsourcing project is producing valuable ideas on some topic or solutions to some problem, depending on the project goals. Equally important is recognizing talented people. Yes indeed, just look at the slogan our company’s home page boasts

  • february 4, 2013

    How Facilitator Salaries Depend on Investments

    I am ashamed to admit that although the success of our business relies on facilitators, we have written very little about them. In our tag cloud the font size of the facilitator tag is smaller than that of IBM, Spigit and even Seminar tags.

  • february 1, 2013

    Being a Witologist or What It’s Like to Come to Witology Office Every Day

    «Ours is a tough job», says a song. These words can be applied to our work at Witology — difficulties are cropping up all over…

  • january 30, 2013

    Crowdassessment: New Prospects for Staff Assessment

    Staff Assessment is a standardized multi-faceted personnel performance evaluation that includes interviews, psychological tests, business games, etc. You can use such an evaluation to hire, train and develop staff, assess how employees perform their duties and whether they are able to perform new functions, assign some employees management positions and recommend others for promotion, as well as evaluate the potential of employees and plan staff development programs, etc.

  • january 9, 2013

    2013 IT Forecast: Cloud-based Union of People and Computers

    Most international experts and IT analysts believe that there will be tectonic shifts in technologies and developed economies in the coming years. Not only the technology industry will be fundamentally affected, but also all other industries in which information and communications technologies play a major role...

  • december 26, 2012

    Are We Outstripping the Rest of the World?

    Innovations are not thriving in Russia. Everyone from the RF President (in Russian) to international rating agencies acknowledge this fact. According to Booz & Company, the level of innovation of either a country or company depends on the ability to generate new ideas and effectively commercialize them. Gartner’s analysts believe that crowdsourcing is a very promising novel technology that can effectively facilitate the generation of good ideas.

  • november 26, 2012

    Tools That Corporate Social Media Must Have, and Which They Lack So Far

    The Brainyard’s experts compiled a list of features that should be necessarily incorporated into corporate social networks/platforms to enable companies to compete and win against competitors in 2013 – ‘Enterprise Social Networks: Must-Have Features Guide.’

  • november 23, 2012

    Social Business: What is Really Going on in Companies?

    Over the last few years, rapidly spreading social networking technologies have dramatically changed most countries’ political and social practices. Can the technologies cause similar ‘tectonic changes’ in the business field? Are there any perceptible changes brought about by social media for business? Which companies can benefit from these changes? And how?