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  • july 9, 2013

    Crowdsourcing is Drifting Away From Crowd

    ‘As you name your ship, so shall she sail,’ they sing in Adventures of Captain Vrungel cartoon. And Americans say about this, ‘Give a dog a bad name and hang him’ (i.e. you’d better hang a dog rather than give him a rotten name).

  • june 5, 2013

    Outlook for Crowdfunding: Law in the USA and Fraud in Russia

    Inquiring about ‘crowdfunding’ on the Russian-language Internet brings about over 150,000 answers and that is saying a lot. The figure is 100 times as much for the English-language Internet. But the notion of crowdfunding is gaining popularity in Russia.

  • may 6, 2013

    Crowd-Action! – Crowdsourcing in Film Production

    Undoubtedly, the energy of crowds can be harnessed to produce tons of creative ideas, such as music, works of art and design, films and video clips. Thus, the group ‘Semantic Hallucinations’ is now working on a music video entitled ‘Everything Will Come out Fine’ in which almost anyone can take part (project site (in Russian)). Similarly, anyone can order a design layout at (in Russian) and choose between multiple suggestions submitted by designers from all over the world.

  • april 11, 2013

    Squirrel on Bike

    The other day Alexei Mikhalchenkov, Deputy Prefect of the Zelenograd Borough of Moscow, presented the winners of the crowdsourcing project “New Ways to Improve Zelenograd” with prizes and gifts (For more details see the official website (in Russian) of the Zelenograd Borough and an article (in Russian) in the Moskovskaya Pravda newspaper).

  • march 27, 2013

    Russian Folk Crowdsourcing

    We have often discussed the fact that “crowdsourcing” sounds outlandish to Russian ears, leading to confusion at first acquaintance. And we have recently hit upon the idea of drawing a parallel between crowdsourcing and a fairy tale, The Princess Who Never Laughs.

  • march 14, 2013

    Analysis: Investments and Investors in Social Business

    The subject of social business investments is extremely important for start-upsand their investors. However, there has been little relevant information both in Russia and abroad. So I am very pleased to present the exclusive results of a fresh analysis performed by LINEX (in Russian).